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How Do You Show Your Guests You Care?

First impressions are extremely important, especially in the service industry. When a guest walks into your hotel they get an immediate idea of what their stay is going to be like. If Johnny Everyman were to walk into a hotel only to see a dirty, wet floor or slip in a puddle in the main lobby, his first impression is going to be poor and difficult to reverse.
By the same token, when a guest walks into your building, you need to create that ideal first impression. How do you do that? I’ll start off by asking a simple questions.
Do you care about your guest’s safety?
Well of course you do, but do your guests know how much it means to you? Safety is a big part of your guest experience; they want to know you care about their safety on your property. Guests know you care about their safety by the security guard patrolling the building and the anti-slip grip in the bathtub. They get the idea that you care through the little things around your hotel that add up to your image.
Now the next big question. What is their stay going to be like?
You want to say “your stay will be amazing and we will take care of your every need”. It sounds nice, but how are you saying that to your guests? Usually you show the guests that you care about them through your accommodations. Everything from the complimentary towels to having their beds made is a part of showing them you want to give them the best experience possible. A mission statement that says things like “exceeding guests’ expectations” sounds nice, but actions speak volumes.
How can you add to guest experiences?
DropStopper, the wet umbrella bag dispenser, is a piece of this customer experience puzzle. It is a convenience item you can put at the entrance to your building that says: “We care about your safety and we want to convenience you in any way possible.”
The wet umbrella bag stand adds to the safety of your facility by encouraging people to wrap up their umbrellas, thus preventing slip and fall accidents. It also shows them you care about their convenience by having a place for them to store their wet umbrellas.
That bold statement stays with them for the rest of their time with you. Everything from the anti-slip grip in their bathtubs, to the complimentary towels, and especially DropStopper, is a part of the exemplary hospitality of your hotel.
Show guests you care about their safety and convenience as soon as they walk in your doors, check out DropStopper.

Did You Know?

Where is the best place to install DropStopper - wet umbrella bag dispenser?
Thanks to its design, dimensions and relatively low weight, the umbrella can be easily installed in any place convenient for you - before entering an office or building, indoors or outdoors. However, best spot would be near the entrance from the street into the building, it does not matter - outside or inside.
Is the maintenance of the umbrella dispensers and the installation of new refill bags into the device a complicated procedure?
No, there is really nothing complicated. Thanks to patented design, anyone can install a new block of refill bags in the dispenser.
Is there a constructive difference between single and double slot wet umbrella bag dispensers?
No, there is no fundamental difference, and, for example, the parts from single dispensers are interchangeable with the details for double ones.
Do you need different refill bags for different models of dispensers?
No, all umbrella bags are universal and installed the same way. The only difference is in their length - short umbrella bags for short umbrellas or long umbrella bags for long umbrellas.
Which dispenser is better to take, single slot or double slot?
For practical purposes, a simple single device is quite suitable and there is no point in overpaying for a double one. In this case we advise you to use long refill bags, since you can cover a short umbrella in a long bag, but not the other way around. However, double slots are a more convenient solution and a more fashionable one.
What is the advantage of your umbrella bag dispensers?
All wet umbrella bag dispensers offered by our company are made of high-quality, resistant materials. We do not supply dispensers made of plastic, accessories of which often do not even survive the warranty period. In addition, unlike a plastic umbrella dispensers, the steel looks solid and expensive. Our dispensers will not spoil the interior of your room, but, on the contrary, will decorate it with benefit.


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