#1 Supplier of Wet Umbrella Bag Dispensers


Even for a company that launches rockets and explores space, we value keeping our employees on the ground safe, too. DropStopper helps us out with that by preventing slip & fall accidents in our facilities.

Carla Bell
NASA, Johnson Space Center, Houston

Our employees and our customers love using the DropStopper, and it has really helped us with keeping our Shopper’s clean and slip-hazard free. On top of that, the customer service provided by DropStopper was exemplary, as they were always following up with us to make sure we loved our unit.

Tony Cho
Front Store Manager - Shopper’s Drug Mart, Vancouver

Keeping our guests safe and ensuring they have a positive experience is our top priority. Our DropStopper wet umbrella bagger is just one of the many ways we promote these values.

Nia Davis
Guests Services Manager - Sheraton Times Square Hotel, New York

DropStopper has significantly reduced the amount of water entering and being tracked throughout the restaurant which has made a significant impact on our health and safety practices. Our clients appreciate our concern for their well-being as well as a cleaner facility and added convenience.

Harry Zinstein
Restaurant Manager - Mike’s Bistro, New York

DropStopper is a fantastic product that reduces potential risk hazards in our lobby during rainy periods. The double model we use has a high capacity and the ability to wrap all types of umbrellas, making it a valuable resource for our tenants and visitors.

Haindel Breuer
Project Manager - Halcyon Management Group, New York

DIMAX GROUP's products have been very useful at our buildings. Most visitors and employees use them, especially on a rainy day. Having high foot traffic, these wonderful wet umbrella bags with a stand helps us prevent slip and fall accidents. I would recommend having this product in every building across the country. Thanks for the super excellent product!

Michael Klein
Building Manager - Madison Commercial Real Estate, New York

At Four Seasons, we set ourselves apart with our high standards of quality in every aspect. DropStopper is one detail of many in our hotel that showcases our superior quality. First impressions are extremely important and the DropStopper in our lobby helps us present the best one possible to our clients.

Saa Halle
Director of Purchasing - Four Seasons Hotel, Philadelphia

Trump hotel uses the Aquatic DropStopper Model to show how much we care about our guests. They love the DropStopper and we love how it helps keep our property clean.

Mickael C. Damelincourt
General Manager - Trump International Hotel, Toronto

We are really pleased with the quality and performance of our DropStopper as well as the price. Our customers have given us a lot of positive feedback on the product and it has really added to their overall experience the Hines property. It also helps to prevent slip and fall accidents, which makes our insurer happy.

Lea Miller
Tenant Coordinator - Hines, Chicago